Pruning the Kiwi Vines

Female Kiwi Flower

I have had some amazing kiwi vines growing in my green house for the last few years.  I have two Arctic Beauty vines that I purchased from Northern Fruits in Palmer, AK.


I had originally put up some plastic chicken wire for trellising the vines but discovered over the years that it catches the leaves and then as it got taller was blocking a lot of light and spiders were making webs of them and just getting very messy looking. So I actually did a lot of pruning and using scissors, cut out all  the plastic.


Now I have it zip tied to some wire  I put up. It is all clean and tidy!


I looked up some trimming ideas and will be learning more as this plant gets older. The kiwi needs lots of water in the spring and throughout the growing season I keep it well watered. I have it over a huglekultur bed so it seems to be well drained and doing well in this environment. Here is a link to an article I read years ago about huglekultur.  Huglekultur

Kiwi need to mature at least four years before they bear fruit. I am very excited for when it will produce fruit.