Dryer Balls

Well, I have been very busy and even productive… I just haven’t written about it all on here. I think it is time to get this going again. I was encouraged this last year by a dear friend of mine to make dryer balls to sell at the farmer’s market.

So I looked up some youtube videos and read some posts from other fiber artists and decided to try it myself. It took a little work and lots of soap and water to figure it all out but I now have a system that works pretty well.

They are adorable since I also needle felted on some cute smiling sheep faces. I gave my daughter some to try out for me and sold a few sets. Then had a couple stores asking for them so I have them for sale in three stores as well. Now, this is not how I will get rich but it is a great way to use some wool and make a little money to pay for hay for the sheep.

I had to learn why the dryer balls were so valuable and then educate people. Of course, some people show up so thankful they found some locally but lots of people have not heard what all a dryer ball or three in a load of laundry can do. Clothes get filled with static because of too much dryness. (Talk about oversimplification!) But the dryer balls, being wool, hold that moisture from the clothes which keeps them from getting all staticky (There must not be a real spelling for this word.) It will also shorten your dryer time and make you smile when the smiling sheep are found among the laundry.

I used my square to take payments everywhere I went to sell, markets, meetings and even on the farm when people came to buy chickens and eggs! So I made an online store where people anywhere could buy the dryer balls and I can just ship them anywhere in the U.S.


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