Aquaponics September 2014

First year of attempting aquaponics.

 4 feet deep 3 feet wide and 24 feet long. There are two grow beds Lots of room for expansion.

We hope to keep it going till the end of October and restart it when it thaws out around March.

Grow little squash grow!
Purple basil is happy in the upper bed.
 Yummy duckweed!
 The fish love it! I scoop out handfuls
 from the floating rafts and feed them,
 the raft keeps it safe
from being eaten completely gone.
We are setting up this immersion heater as a heat exchanger. The tank water is piped through a garden hose that is submerged into the very hot water in the 55 gal drum. It returns to the tank warming the fishy water. This keeps the fish happy and they eat better. We will be moving the stove set up inside the greenhouse as soon as we get a couple more lengths of stove pipe.
So far it is a great experiment in growing food. We have lots of plans of expanding and ways to keep the water warmer than the expensive electric on-demand heater that we first tried. Yes! The water temp is up to 72 degrees! It is 44 degrees outside and 65 in the cabin.  Can’t wait till we can get the whole stove inside the greenhouse.

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