Starting Seeds for 2018

Growing seasons are short in Alaska, a little longer where we live in Wasilla. I started many seeds in February, like garlic and onions, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Some teas like chamomile. Asparagus and artichokes, tomatoes and tomatillos. I just planted some Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower here in late March.

I looked up how long it took to germinate each type of seed, when our last frost date of 2018,  and how many days till harvest was expected. I thought about how many onions I would like to have to last a year. If I used an onion a day I might want to grow 365 onions then! I watched videos on how to braid onions to store them. I may not get 365 onions to grow but it is a goal now.

All the new windows were great for the seedlings. I was able to use natural lighting even as little as we have worked fine. I used trays to keep water from dripping everywhere and that worked well. Since we were in the middle of finishing the new addition to the cabin, there was no window trim yet and I was able to put up shelves. I have a new design idea for the brackets that should work better next year.

I used a homemade mix for soil starter at first and then purchased some dirt from the local shopping store. Growing plants really helped with the cabin fever we get after the long winter. Windows full of green and three feet of snow on the ground is pretty comical. Also, remind you that you really do believe spring is just around the corner.

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